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NIH-NCRR SEPA Annual Program Director's Meeting 2006

Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah, Salt Lake City , October 19-22, 2006

Speaker Presentations

  • SEPA Program Introductions
  • "Competitiveness" (and the Future of Science Education)

    Bruce A. Fuchs, NIH Office of Science Education

  • Evaluation Panel Discussion
  • National Museum of Health and Medicine: A Scientific Partner for Education and Research

    Janet Melson Burns, Chief of Public Programs

  • Logic Model Analysis for the Development of Evaluation Measures

    Kelley Withy, University of Hawaii

  • Medicine and Microscopy: Making the Science Visible

    Charles Carlson, Exploratorium

  • Controlled Trials in Educational Settings: Lessons from the Positively Aging® Project

    Michael Lichtenstein, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

  • City Lab

    Carl Franzblau, Boston University School of Medicine

  • Strategies for Evaluating Curriculum and Teacher Professional Development Programs

    J. Kyle Robert, Baylor College of Medicine

  • Evaluation in Informal Science Education

    David A. Ucko, National Science Foundation

  • You Can Always Make It Better: Evaluating Science Education Websites

    Saul Rockman, ROCKMAN ET AL

  • Assessing Science Eudcation Outreach Initiatives: A Funder's Perspective

    Chad Gorski, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Poster from Mini-Peer Cluster Evaluation in Small Group

  • Research experiences for students and teachers
  • Multimedia/Educational media
  • Informal Education in Public Setting and Institutions
  • Curriculum Development
  • Teacher professional development
  • Student science enrichment