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SEPA Newsletters

This newsletter will focus on important news from NCRR and upcoming events within the SEPA community, as well as highlight SEPA projects in each edition. You may receive SEPA newsletters by e-mail.

  • 2012
  • Spring 2012 #7
    Spotlight: SEPA Launches Mobile Website, 2012 SEPA Conference, New Awards for 2012

  • 2011

    Spring 2011
    Spotlight: SEPA Launches New Website, 2011 SEPA Conference, New Awards for 2010

  • 2009

    Summer 2009 #6
    Spotlight: "DNA is Elementary”, Camp PathOlogical: A Life Science Training Program for Students and Families, “Epidemiology and the Energy Balance Equation”, Investing in the Future: Collaborative Research Experiences for Students & Teachers (SEPA/CREST), Collaborations to Understand Research and Ethics (CURE), Learning Biological Processes through Animations and Inquiry: A New Approach

    Spring 2009 #5
    Spotlight: Administrative Supplements for NCRR Awards March 18, 2009, Project Spotlights: HEARTSMART Museum Exhibit, New York Hall of Science- Evolution and Health Traveling Exhibition and Education Programs, and Extending A Healthy Life — Phase II FoodMASTER: Impacting K-12 Learning Environments

  • 2008

    Winter 2008 #4
    Spotlight: New 2008 SEPA Awardees, University of Pittsburgh Unveils CTSI Mobile Science Lab, Project Spotlights: Pacific Education and Research for Leadership in Science (PEARLS)

    Fall 2008 #3
    Spotlight: 2007 SEPA Awardee, Project Spotlights: Genome Science for Health, Great Lakes Science Center/CASE, NCRR

    Summer 2008 #2
    Spotlight: 2008 SEPA Conference Summary, DNA day, Project Spotlights: Spectrum and Project ARISE

    Spring 2008 #1
    Spotlight: New SEPA Awardees in 2007, NCRR SEPA Conference 2008, Student and Teacher Success Story, Project Spotlights: World of Viruses, HealthRICH, Program Energy